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Welcome to EagleOne Entertainment.com! EagleOne Entertainment is a national music festival production company specializing in booking multi-day festivals in cities across the United States. Along with out sister company, Gorilla Music, we book the best local and regional bands from your area to play on our events, where they will share stages with national talent of every genre, including acts like Mushroomhead, Kings of Lean, Machine Gun Kelly, Misfits, Fu Manchu, Filter, Trapt, Hawthorne Heights, King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper), Drowning Pool, members of Bone Thugs N Harmony, and many, many more.


Gorilla Music

Gorilla Music and EagleOne Entertainment, produce concerts for local and regional bands in cities all across the United States. On an EagleOne or Gorilla Music festivals, bands get the opportunity to network with other bands and their fans, perform for huge crowds on the same stage as national headliners, and play for record industry and A&R representatives. EagleOne Entertainment and Gorilla concerts are some of the biggest local concerts in the world. Gorilla Music also has a band management program that’s designed to help local bands grow in their home market. To sign up for a Gorilla Music event or an EagleOne Music fest, go to one of our sign up pages and fill out a submission form.


Gorilla Music Festivals

EagleOne Entertainment and Gorilla Music coordinate local festivals all around the country. We book 20 to 300 groups on most of our fests; the size of each festival depends on the market, the number of venues participating, and the size of those venues.

Participating groups have the opportunity to sell their merchandise, play in great venues, network with bands, fans, and new clubs while they play for great crowds. To get your band booked, fill out one of the forms on our site, or you can sign up at through our sister company, Gorilla Music.

The forms on our site can be found at the EagleOne Entertainment Music Fest page or the EagleOne Entertainment Cities pages.


Find a City Near You

We put on local shows with bands in over 80 cities across the United States. Each and every show is designed to help local groups build stronger foundations in their hometowns. With our events, groups will start to develop a fan base by understanding the importance of networking. In fact, on all of our shows, we try hard to show bands the importance of networking. The best way to grow a local band is through networking and buzz building. Get out there and make as many people aware of your band as possible. Use word-of mouth marketing and you’ll watch you band’s following grow right before your eyes.

Sign up to get your band booked for our next music festival near you by visiting our Music Fests page. Find the city nearest you to see if we have any events coming up in your city! We book music festivals in cities all across the country, including Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Omaha, Columbus, Philadelphia,  Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford, and many, many more! But there are other great music fests taking place across the country as well!

You can also visit the Gorilla Music website to sign up for great shows all across the country.


Gorilla Music

At our sister company, Gorilla Music, we have incredible opportunities for your band. First, we have The Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands series that can really help put your band on the map. Find out why the Battle of the Bands is more popular than ever. A battle of the bands can strengthen the bond you have with your current fans and improve your band’s bio dramatically. Find great gigs by booking a show with us in your city.

If you’re looking for representation, Gorilla Music has an outstanding band management program that is so unique, people are talking about it all across the country. The Gorilla Music Band Management program works with bands from all around the United States, and the number of bands they work with continues to grow each day. The band Management program helps bands learn how to book their shows better, how to gain exposure, how to convert their followers into die-hard fans, and so much more. Gorilla Music also has a graphic design team on-hand to help bands design new merchandise, logos, and album art as the need arises.

The program is a one of a kind experience for bands as it teaches and gives them the tools to create their own success. Visit Gorilla Music’s website for more information and take the next step towards growing your band in your local music scene.

 Rock Your City

Rock Your City is the great new book by the owners of Gorilla Music. It is a one of a kind manual for any serious musician. Taking the reader on a remarkable journey from the basement to the top. It explains how local band really grow in the market place and help bands understand what it really takes to succeed.

Past Events: The Day & Night Music Festival

The First Annual Day & Night Music Festival kicks off this year from August 29th through August 31st.  Formerly THE CLEVELAND MUSIC FESTIVAL, The Day & Night Music Festival is presented by EagleOne Entertainment and Gorilla Music and is the biggest music festival the city of Cleveland has ever seen, featuring 300-400 groups and musicians.

Performances will take place at the best venues in Cleveland, including Lincoln Park in Tremont, The House of Blues, The Agora, The Grog Shop, The Beachland Tavern, The Foundry, DNA Level C, and more TBA!. Headliners include Pat Dailey, The Cleveland Pops Orchestra, Unsaid Fate, Ataxia, Along Came A Spider, Wylie, Hostile Omish, One Days Notice, One-Eyed Doll, Wild Throne, Plaid Brixx, A Thousand Paper Cranes and many more TBA.

Ticket prices are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Doors for each “Night” show open at 5:30 PM, and doors for the “Day” portions on the show (held at LINCOLN PARK in Tremont) will be at 4 PM. Tickets are available on Ticketweb and through Gorilla Music.

Check back soon for more updates on The Day & Night Music Festival!




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